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How Does the Renewable Truck All-Electric APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) Challenge Conventional Truck APUs



Extract: RoyPow newly developed truck All-Electric APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) powered by lithium-ion batteries to solve shortcomings of current truck APUs in the market.

Electrical energy has changed the world. However, energy shortages and natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity. With the advent of new energy resources, the demand for more efficient, safer, and sustainable energy solutions are rapidly increasing. So is the same for the demand of truck All-Electric APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) .

For many truckers, their 18-wheelers become their homes away from home during those long hauls. Why shouldn’t truckers on the road enjoy the comfort of air conditioning in summer and heat in winter like home? To enjoy this benefit the truck needs to be idling if with conventional solutions. While trucks can use 0.85 to 1 gallons of fuel per hour of idling. Over the course of a year, a long-haul truck could idle for about 1800 hours, using nearly 1500 gallons of diesel, which is about 8700USD fuel waste. Not only does idling waste fuel and cost money, but also it has serious environmental consequences. A significantly amount of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere added up over time and contribute significantly to climate change and air pollution issues around the world.

That’s the reason why the American Transportation Research Institute has to enact anti-idling laws and regulations and where diesel auxiliary power units (APU) come in handy. With a diesel engine added on the truck specifically provide energy for the heater and air conditioning, turn-off the truck engine and enjoy the comfortable truck cab become reality. With the diesel truck APU, approximately 80 percent of energy consumption can be reduced, air pollution heavily reduced at the same time. But the combustion APU is very maintenance-heavy, requiring regular oil changes, fuel filters, and general preventative maintenance (hoses, clamps, and valves). And the trucker can barely sleep because it’s louder than the actual truck.

With the increased demand for overnight air conditioning by regional haulers and low-maintenance aspects, electric truck APU comes to the market. They are powered by additional battery packs that are installed in the truck and are charged by the alternator when the truck is rolling. Originally the lead-acid batteries, for example AGM batteries are selected to power the system. Battery powered truck APU offer increased driver comfort, greater fuel savings, better driver recruitment/retention, idle reduction, lowered maintenance costs. While when talking about truck APU performance, cooling capabilities are front and center. The diesel APU offers nearly 30% more cooling power than AGM battery APU system. What’s more, runtime is the biggest question drivers and fleets have for electric APUs. Averagely, the all-electric APU’s runtime is 6 to 8 hours. That means, the tractor may need to be started for few hours to recharge the batteries.

Recently RoyPow launched the one-stop lithium-ion battery truck All-Electric APU (Auxiliary Power Unit). Compared with traditional lead-acid batteries, this LiFePO4 batteries are more competitive in terms of cost, service life, energy efficiency, maintenance and environmental protection. New technology lithium battery truck All-Electric APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) is set out to address the shortcomings of existing diesel and electric truck APU solutions. An intelligent 48V DC alternator is included in this system, when the truck runs on the road, the alternator will transfer the mechanical energy of truck engine to electricity and stored in the lithium battery. And the lithium battery can be charged quickly in about one to two hours and provides power to the HVAC continuously running up to 12hours to satisfy the need for long-haul trucking. With this system, 90 percent of energy cost can be reduced than idling and it used only green and clean energy instead of diesel. That means, there will be 0 emission to the atmosphere and 0 noise pollution. The lithium batteries are characterized by high energy efficiency density, long service life and maintenance-free, which helps the truckers away from anxious of energy shortage and maintenance troubles. What’s more, the cooling capability of 48V DC air conditioner of the truck All-Electric APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) is 12000BTU/h, which is almost close to the diesel APUs.

New clean lithium battery truck All-Electric APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) will be the new trend of the market demand alternative to diesel APU, due to its low energy cost, longer runtime and zero emission.

As an “engine-off and anti-idling” product, RoyPow’s all electric lithium system is environmentally friendly and sustainable by eliminating emissions, complying with the anti-idle and anti-emission regulations nationwide, which include the California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements, formulated to protect human health and to address air pollution in the state. In addition, advances in battery technology are extending the run time of the climate system, helping to reduce consumer concerns about electric anxiety. The last but not the least, it has great value to improve trucker’s sleep quality to minimize driver fatigue in the trucking industry.

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