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Everything You Need to Know about ROYPOW 48 V All-Electric APU System



The APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) systems are generally applied by trucking businesses to address rest issues while parked for long-haul drivers. However, with increased fuel costs and a focus on reduced emissions, trucking businesses are turning to electric APU unit for truck systems to further lower operating costs. ROYPOW new-gen 48 V all-electric truck APU systems are the ideal solutions. This blog will explore the features and benefits of the solutions and uncover how they address the rising concerns in the trucking industry.

ROYPOW 48 V All-Electric APU System


Advantages of ROYPOW all-electric APU unit for truck system

Traditional diesel or AGM APU unit for truck systems often fail to address all truck idling and related issues. ROYPOW provides an advanced alternative with its 48V all-electric lithium truck APU system, boasting a one-stop power solution. This innovative system reduces fuel consumption, extends engine service life, lowers maintenance costs, enhances driver comfort, and promotes environmental sustainability. Moreover, it enables the fleet to comply with what nationwide anti-idle and zero-emission regulations such as CARB requirements stipulate. Truck drivers benefit from uncompromising trucking experience with reliable power, unparalleled comfort, and increased efficiency. Whether parked or on the road, it’s the ultimate solution for long-haul journeys.

Advantages of ROYPOW all-electric APU unit for truck system


How does ROYPOW all-electric APU unit for truck system work?

ROYPOW 48 V all-electric truck APU system captures energy from the truck alternator or solar panel and stores it in lithium batteries. The energy is then converted into power for your air conditioner, TV, fridge, or microwave to let you get the most out of your sleeper cab. 

To guarantee unstoppable power at any time, this 48 V APU unit for truck system can be connected to multiple charging sources: when a semi-truck parks at a travel stop in a short time, shore power can charge the lithium-ion battery and starter battery through the all-in-one inverter and also supply power to all connected loads; when a semi-truck is on the road, the robust 48 V intelligent alternator comes into play, swiftly charging the battery pack in approximately 2 hours; when a semi-truck is parked for extended periods, solar power through the all-in-one inverter can efficiently charge both the LiFePO4 battery and starter battery to prevent restart issues. Truckers won’t need to resort to diesel power, minimizing fuel consumption and costs and lowering the carbon footprint.

 How does ROYPOW all-electric APU unit for truck system work


Features of core units of the APU unit for truck system


48 V LiFePO4 Battery Pack

The ROYPOW all-electric APU unit for trucks features a powerful 48 V battery system, providing reliable power for more appliances in the cab. With over 10 kWh capacity, it ensures uninterrupted power and a runtime of over 14 hours on a full charge. Unlike traditional lead-acid or AGM batteries, ROYPOW batteries outperform with fast charging, less maintenance, etc. Backed by automotive-grade ruggedness, up to 10 years, and over 6,000 cycles, they withstand long-haul vibrations and shocks experienced by vehicle chassis, ensuring reliable power for years.

 48 V LiFePO4 Battery Pack


Intelligent 48 V DC Alternator

Compared to traditional alternators, the alternator of ROYPOW intelligent 48V electric APU unit for trucks boasts an energy conversion efficiency exceeding 82%. To ensure reliable, consistent performance, it supports stable and continuous 5 kW power generation and low-speed idling generation. The automotive-grade durability enhances safety and reduces maintenance and labor costs over years of use.


48 V DC Air Conditioner

The DC air conditioner features industry-leading energy efficiency, boasting a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTU/h and over 15 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) for greater cooling performance while maintaining energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It features a special powerful mode for drivers requiring quick cooling, achieving cooling within 10 minutes thanks to its adjustable DC inverter technology. With noise levels as low as 35 dB, akin to a library, it creates a tranquil environment for rest. Drivers can start it remotely using the intelligent app, ensuring a comfortable cabin temperature before they arrive.

 48 V DC Air Conditioner


48 V DC-DC Converter

ROYPOW 48 V to 12 V DC-DC converter outperforms its high conversion efficiency and minimized energy loss. With an automotive-grade, IP67-rated design, and boasting a design life of up to 15 years or 200,000 kilometers, it’s built to withstand harsh mobile environments, ensuring long-term reliability.


All-In-One Inverter

This all-in-one system integrates an inverter, battery charger, and MPPT solar charge controller for simplified installation and wiring. It improves MPPT energy efficiency by 30% and achieves up to 94% maximum inverter efficiency, ensuring seamless power supply switching. With a power-saving mode to reduce consumption at zero load, it offers efficient energy management through LCD display, app, and web interface.


100 W Solar Panel

ROYPOW 100W solar panels provide reliable power on the move. Flexible, foldable, and under 2 kg, they install easily on irregular surfaces. With 20.74% conversion efficiency, they maximize energy production. Rugged structure endures road and weather challenges for consistent performance.


7-inch EMS Display

The 48 V all-electric APU unit for truck system comes with a 7-inch intelligent Energy Management System (EMS) display for real-time monitoring, coordinated control, and economic operation management. It has a WiFi hotspot for seamless online upgrades.

Combining all these powerful units into one system, the ROYPOW all-electric truck APU system is a game-changer for trucking. It integrates seamlessly into existing fleets to address critical challenges, reduce yearly operating costs, and increase the fleet’s return on investment. By adopting ROYPOW’s cutting-edge technology, you’re embracing a more efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective trucking future.

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