Major problems in traditional energy storage systems

High operating cost

More money and time are spent in refueling at the pump or changing oil filters, fuel water separator, etc. DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) repair cost increases if idling time exceeds 15%.

Serious engine idling

Rely on the engine to provide cooling / heating and electrification, which causes wear and tear on the internal components, raises maintenance costs and shortens engine life.

Heavy maintenance

Require more preventative maintenance or frequent battery replacement and need belt or oil changes to run the system at maximum efficiency.

Pollution and noise

Release unnecessary
emissions into the environment and produces bothering noise during operation. Potential risk of violation against anti-emission regulations.

mobile energy storage solutions?

Built specifically to meet the demands of marine / RV / truck environments, ROYPOW mobile energy storage solutions are all-electric lithium systems which integrate alternator, LiFePO4 battery, HVAC, DC-DC converter, inverter (optional) and solar panel (optional) in one pack to deliver the most ecological and stable source of power while leaving hassles, fumes and noise behind!

Enjoy exceptional value with RoyPow
mobile energy storage solutions

They are particularly suited for the use with LiFePO4 batteries.


Unrivaled comfort

Quiet and high capacity cooling / heating to maintain comfort in climate extremes. Reliable power to run the appliances that drivers or yachtsmen require when they are long days away from home on the road or cruising on the sea.


Lowered costs

The “engine-off” all-elctric systems eliminate the exposure to fluctuating fuel costs and helps to significantly decrease engine wear and tear caused by idling. They are virtually maintenance free.


Flexible & customize

Available options such as shore power connectivity, solar panels and inverters add power for hotel loads with more output, allowing users to customize their system for individual needs.

Benefits Good reasons to choose ROYPOW mobile energy storage solutions
High performance & efficiency
  • > Powerful cooling / heating capacity of included HVAC

  • > Fast charging - as little as 1.2 hours to get fully recharged

  • > Mutiple charging resources with inverter, solar panel integrated or shore power compatible

  • > Charge/discharge under 32°F (0°C)

Cost saving
  • > Significantly reduces fuel consumption - only 0.085 gallon of fuel per hour

  • >Extends service intervals also reduces wear and tear on the engine

  • >Unparalleled energy saving with up to 15 EER of the included HVAC

  • >Minimizes the risk of costly fines associated with anti-idling regulations

Low to zero maintenance
  • > No need oil and filter changes and general maintenance associated with engines

  • > Up to 10 years battery life, no need frequent battery replacement

  • > Reduced idling, no excessive engine wear

Clean & quiet
  • > No emissions, meets the anti-idle and anti-emission regulations nationwide

  • > No diesel engine noise, quiet operation for uninterrupted rest all day

  • > No gas or acid spills, more eco-friendly and sustainable

Safe & reliable
  • > High thermal & chemical stability of LFP ( LiFePO4) chemistry

  • > Specially designed for mobile environments, vibration & shock resistant and anti-corrosion

  • > Automotive-grade manufacturing, robust and safe in operation

Peace of mind
  • > Unmatched installation speed, as fast as 2 hours

  • > 5 years warranty for core components

  • > Reliable AC/DC power for hotel loads, enjoy convenience of TV, refrigerator, water boiler, coffee machine and so on

  • > Hassle-free after-sales service & technical support

Intelligent & convenient
  • > 4G + MiFi module for remote monitoring and control of energy storage system anytime and anywhere

  • > WiFi hotspots are available to deliver the best internet experience

  • > Smart EMS and OTA platform for system upgrading, remote monitoring and diagnosing

ROYPOW, Your Trusted Partner
By virtue of powering the industry’s transition to lithium-ion alternatives, we keep our resolve to make progress in lithium battery to provide you more competitive and integrated solutions.
Unmatched expertise

With more than 20 years of combined experience in renewable energy and battery systems, ROYPOW provides lithium-ion batteries and energy solutions covering all living and working situations.

We have developed our integrated shipping service system consistently, and are able to provide the massive shipping for timely delivery.
Automotive-grade manufacturing

Committed to deliver high-quality products, our engineering core team works hard with our manufacturing facilities and outstanding R&D capability to ensure our products meet the industry’s quality and safety standards.

If the available models don’t fit your requirements, we provide custom-tailor service to different golf cart models.
Worldwide coverage

ROYPOW sets up regional offices, operating agencies, technical R&D center, and manufacturing base service network at multiple countries and key regions to consolidate global sales and service system.

We have branched in USA, UK, South Africa, South America, Japan and so on, and strived to unfold completely in globalization layout. Therefore, RoyPow is able to offer more efficient and thoughtful after-sales service.
Hassle-free after-sales service

We have branches in the US, Europe, Japan, the UK, Australia, South Africa, etc. and strived to unfold completely in globalization layout. Therefore, ROYPOW is able to offer fast-response and thoughtful after-sales service.

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