48V lithium system

Enjoy reduced downtime, lower gas emissions, greater reliability and maximum comfort in all climatic conditions for smarter operation overall.

all electric
lithium system

Captures energy from the truck’s alternator or solar panel and stores in lithium batteries. This energy is then converted into power for cooling, heating and electrification for sleeper cab.

Intelligent Management
intelligent management

Easy to check and configure your energy systems at any time. Remotely monitor or operate electrical equipment from your mobile phone or tablet, such as generated solar energy, state of charge of your batteries and the consumption.

Multiple charging ways Fast & efficient

The LiFePO4 lithium battery can charge from the alternator on the road. Solar panel and shore power are also compatible.

What to be powered

RoyPow AlI-Electric APU provides safe and reliable DC/AC power to run sleeper cab hotel loads - including HVAC without need for extended engine operation or worrying about power shortage.

Product Case

Experience the Future of Leading Li-ion Truck APU

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