Warranty Period

  • For the battery, from the date of purchase, five years is provided for the warranty service.

  • For the accessories such as chargers, cables, etc., from the date of purchase, one year is provided for the warranty service.

  • Warranty period may vary by country and is subject to local laws and regulations.

Warranty Statement

Distributors are responsible for the service to customers, Free parts and technical support are provided by ROYPOW to our distributor

- ROYPOW provides warranty under the following conditions:
  • The product is within the specified warranty period;

  • The product is normally used, without man-made quality problems;

  • No unauthorized disassembly, maintenance, etc;

  • Product serial number, factory label and other marks are not torn or altered.

Exclusions of Warranty

1. Products exceed the warranty period without purchasing a warranty extension;

2. Damage caused by human abuse, including but not limited to cover deformation, collision caused by impact, drop, and puncture;

3. Dismantle the battery without ROYPOW's authorization;

4. Failure to work or being torn down in a harsh environment with high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosives and explosives, etc;

5. Damage caused by short circuit;

6. Damage caused by an unqualified charger that is not compliant with the product manual;

7. Damage caused by force majeure, such as fire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc;

8. Damage caused by improper installation not compliant with the product manual;

9. Product without ROYPOW trademark / serial number.

Claim Procedure

  • 1. Please priorly contact your dealer to verify the suspected defective device.

  • 2. Please follow your dealer's guide to provide sufficient information when your device is suspected faulty with the warranty card, product purchase invoice, and other related documents if required.

  • 3. Once the fault of your device is confirmed, your dealer is required to send the warranty claim to ROYPOW or an authorized service partner with all the necessary information provided.

  • 4. Meanwhile, you can contact ROYPOW for help via:


If a device becomes defective during the warranty period recognized by ROYPOW, ROYPOW or its local authorized service partner is obligated to provide service to customer, the device will be subject to our option below:

    • repaired by ROYPOW service center, or

    • repaired on-site, or

  • swapped for a replacement device with equivalent specifications according to model and service life.

In the third case, ROYPOW will send the replacement device after RMA is confirmed. The replaced device will inherit the remaining warranty period of the previous device. In this case, you do not receive a new warranty card since your warranty right is recorded in ROYPOW service database.

If you would like to purchase an extension of ROYPOW warranty based on the standard warranty, please contact ROYPOW to get the detailed information.


This warranty statement is only applicable to territory outside Mainland China. Please note that ROYPOW reserves the ultimate explanation right on this warranty statement.

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