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Onboard Marine Services Delivers Better Marine Mechanical Work with ROYPOW Marine ESS

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Onboard Marine Services Delivers Better Marine Mechanical Work with ROYPOW One-Stop Lithium Marine ESS

Nick Benjamin, Director from Onboard Marine Services, Australia.

Yacht:Riviera M400 motor yacht 12.3m

Retrofitting:Replace 8kw Generator into ROYPOW Marine Energy Storage System

Onboard Marine Services is hailed as Sydney’s preferred marine mechanical specialist. Established in Australia in March 2009, it embarked on its journey by mainly offering mechanical and electrical services to the marine industry. Years of experience and expertise solidified the ability of Onboard Marine Services to provide marine-related maintenance and repairs that set a benchmark for excellence while fostering a long-term partnership with many of the industry leaders of power solutions to marine applications, such as Volvo Penta and Mercury Marine to provide all aspects of servicing, repairs, and repowering. Now, as the marine industry propels itself into a new era of one-stop electric power solutions, Onboard Marine Services is poised to lead the way by joining forces with ROYPOW.


Meeting the Challenges Posed by Traditional Power Generators

Over the years, maritime journeys have heavily counted on the combustion engine generator systems to power onboard appliances. However, the convenience these generators offer comes at a considerable cost attributed to both the high fuel consumption cost and the substantial after-sales maintenance cost linked to frequent maintenance for components of the AC air conditioners, generators, lead-acid batteries, etc. Compounded by the short 1 to 2 years of warranties provided by different manufacturers, the challenges are amplified. The loud operation noise and emission fumes further taint both the overall maritime experience and even environmental friendliness. To exacerbate matters, the phasing-out of gasoline generators from the market raises the risk of out-of-stock replacement generators in the future.

Nick Benjamin, Director of Onboard Marine Services, highlights a shift in the marine generator landscape where a few of the big players are moving away from petrol-powered models. This shift could potentially escalate the costs and complexities of maintenance. As a result, identifying a more fitting substitute for petrol generators takes center stage on the priority list of Onboard Marine Services.


Finding a New Solution: ROYPOW One-Stop Lithium Marine ESS

With the marine market naturally moving towards electric automation and the utilization of lithium power storage, a limited range of options has emerged. Pioneering in marine electric solutions, the ROYPOW all-in-one lithium energy storage system is the one that outshines and becomes the ideal alternative as a quick and swift fix to all of the problems caused by traditional diesel generators. For Onboard Marine Services, “With only a few suitable replacements for petrol generators available, the ROYPOW system was the perfect replacement. The diesel generator market was also an easy fit for the full lithium ROYPOW system,” said Nick Benjamin.

Onboard Marine Services Delivers Better Marine Mechanical Work with ROYPOW One-Stop Lithium Marine ESS

ROYPOW marine energy storage system features a one-stop all-electric complete system, comprised of eight essential parts, including the 48 V LiFePO4 battery packs, a 48 V intelligent alternator, an all-in-one inverter, a 48 V air conditioner, a DC-DC converter, a power distribution unit (PDU), an EMS display, and a solar panel. ROYPOW offers unparalleled convenience with one-stop services, complete with readily available spare parts for added peace of mind. To cover the needs of more boating and yachting users, ROYPOW continues to upgrade the existing system with the launch of the 12 V and 24 V battery systems.

“What attracted us to ROYPOW was the ability of their system to service a vessels power needs in a near identical fashion to a traditional marine generator,” said Nick Benjamin, “Our decision to use ROYPOW was due to their sleek design, their in-built fire suppression system, innovative power storage setup and ability for the system to replace existing combustion engine generator systems.” In the first project of Onboard Marine Services, they replaced the 8 kW Generator on the Riviera M400 motor yacht 12.3 m with the ROYPOW marine ESS.

Onboard Marine Services Delivers Better Marine Mechanical Work with ROYPOW One-Stop Lithium Marine ESS

From the installation to actual performance, the ROYPOW marine energy storage system has impressed. As complicated installations and replacements bring down the overall maintenance efficiency, ROYPOW takes a different path by redefining maritime energy solutions with a streamlined installation process, marked by integrated designs that minimize components, simplified default settings, and intuitive, comprehensive system diagrams as well as form-fitting wiring harnesses. Nick Benjamin mentioned, “In our initial ROYPOW installation, their power system seamlessly replaced an existing marine generator setup. The vessel owners didn’t need to alter any of their regular habits when using onboard electrical items.”

Nick Benjamin further emphasized another advantage was the “absence of both fuel consumption and noise, which stands in stark contrast to traditional marine generators”. The ROYPOW system was the perfect replacement”. ROYPOW upgraded marine ESS ensures enhanced comfort and safety, delivering a quiet and comfortable onboard environment with low noise that doesn’t disrupt your onboard rest and leisure time. By opting for this innovative energy storage solution, it reduces fume emissions greatly, and you are actively reducing your carbon footprint with 100% green energy and promoting a sustainable approach to maritime living, thus further aligning with environmental preservation and sustainability.

Onboard Marine Services Delivers Better Marine Mechanical Work with ROYPOW One-Stop Lithium Marine ESS

There are more shining points. For example, with automotive-grade design, a remarkable lifespan exceeding 6,000 cycles, up to 10 years of design life, IP65 ingress rating, built-in BMS protections, and a generous 5-year warranty, ROYPOW 48 V LiFePO4 lithium batteries promise high performance and near-zero maintenance, perfectly tailored for the rigors of marine environments. Expandable with up to 8 battery units working in parallel, totaling an impressive 40 kWh capacity, the modular design empowers the operation of all onboard appliances with extended runtime.

Onboard Marine Services Delivers Better Marine Mechanical Work with ROYPOW One-Stop Lithium Marine ESS

For the overall system, Nick Benjamin states, “There are a few players for lithium in the marine sector at the moment, but in our experience, ROYPOW’s complete system encompasses all the needs of a boat owner.” The system offers “Ease of installation, unit size, modular design for various capacity needs, and flexibility for multiple charging methods.”

Onboard Marine Services Delivers Better Marine Mechanical Work with ROYPOW One-Stop Lithium Marine ESS


Paving the Way to Energize the Future Together

Undoubtedly, the partnership with Onboard Marine Services is a win-win collaboration. Switching to one-stop lithium technologies benefits not only Onboard Marine Services with more economical, sustainable marine mechanical maintenance solutions but also empowers ROYPOW to further solidify its footprint in the field, contributing to the marine energy storage transformation progress.

Moving forward, when desiring to embark on an upgraded maritime journey, choose ROYPOW one-stop marine lithium energy storage systems! ROYPOW warmly embraces partnerships and joins forces to propel marine power storage innovations to re-image the boating and yachting experience and cast a radiant glow on a cleaner, more sustainable marine future!

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