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What Battery Is In A E-Z-GO Golf Cart?


An E-Z-GO golf cart battery uses a specialized deep-cycle battery built to power the motor in the golf cart. The battery allows a golf to move around the golf course for an optimal golfing experience. It differs from a regular golf cart battery in energy capacity, design, size, and discharge rate. Golf cart batteries are uniquely suited to meet golfers’ demands.


What Is The Most Important Quality of an E-Z-GO Golf Cart Battery?

One of the most important factors of any golf cart battery is longevity. A good golf cart battery should allow you to enjoy an 18-hole round of golf without interruption.
The longevity of an E-Z-GO golf cart battery is affected by many factors. These include proper maintenance, proper charging equipment, and much more. Below is a deep dive into the world of golf cart batteries.


Why Do Golf Carts Need Deep Cycle Batteries?

E-Z-GO golf carts use specialized deep-cycle batteries. Unlike regular car batteries, these batteries are designed to deliver sustained power for long periods. The batteries are built with longevity in mind.

A quality deep-cycle battery can discharge up to 80% of its capacity without any impact on its longevity. On the other hand, regular batteries are designed to deliver short bursts of power. The alternator then recharges them.

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How To Pick the Right Battery For Your E-Z-GO Golf Cart

Several factors will inform your decision when picking an E-Z-GO golf cart battery. They include the specific model, your frequency of use, and the terrain.

The Model of Your E-Z-GO Golf Cart

Each model is unique. It will often require a battery with a specific voltage and current. Select one that meets the specified current and voltage when picking your battery. If you are not sure, speak to a qualified technician to guide you.

How Often Do You Use The Golf Cart?

If you are not a regular golfer, you can get away with using a normal car battery. However, you will eventually run into problems as you increase your frequency of golfing. It is thus important to plan for the future by getting a golf cart battery that will serve you for years to come.

How Terrain Influences The Golf Cart Battery Type
If your golf course has tiny hills and generally rough terrain, you should opt for a more powerful deep-cycle battery. It ensures that it does not stall whenever you have to go uphill. In other instances, a weak battery will make the ride uphill much slower than might be comfortable for most riders.

Choose The Best Quality
One of the main mistakes people make is skimping on their battery costs. For instance, some people will opt for a cheap, off-brand lead-acid battery due to the low initial cost. However, that is often an illusion. With time, the battery could lead to high repair costs due to leaking battery fluid. Additionally, it will offer sub-optimal performance, which can ruin your golfing experience.


Why Are Lithium Batteries Better?

Lithium batteries exist in a class of their own apart from all other battery types used in golf carts. Specifically, lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) batteries are a time-tested superior battery type. They do not need a strict maintenance schedule.
LiFEPO4 batteries do not contain fluid electrolytes. Consequently, they are spill-proof, and there is no risk of staining your clothes or golf bag. These batteries have a greater depth of discharge without the risk of reducing their longevity. Consequently, they can offer a longer operating range without a reduction in performance.

How Long Do LiFePO4 Batteries Last?
The lifespan of an E-Z-GO golf cart battery is measured by the number of cycles. Most lead acid batteries can manage around 500-1000 cycles. That is about 2-3 years of battery life. However, it might be short depending on the length of the golf course and how often you golf.
With a LiFePO4 battery, an average of 3000 cycles is expected. Consequently, such a battery can last up to 10 years with regular use and almost zero maintenance. The maintenance schedule for these batteries is often included in the manufacturer’s manual.


What Other Factors Should You Check When Choosing a LiFePO4 Battery?

While LiFePO4 batteries often last longer than lead acid batteries, there are other factors to check. These are:


A good LiFePO4 battery should come with favorable warranty terms of a minimum of five years. While you probably will not need to invoke the warranty during that time, it is good to know that the manufacturer can back up their claims of longevity.

Convenient Installation
Another important factor when picking your LiFePO4 battery is the convenience of installing it. Typically, an E-Z-Go golf cart battery installation should not take you more than 30 minutes. It should come with mounting brackets and connectors, which make installation a breeze.

Safety of the Battery
A good LiFePO4 battery should have great thermal stability. The feature is offered in modern batteries as part of the built-in protection for the battery. It is the reason when you first acquire the battery, always check whether it is heating up. If so, then it might not be a quality battery.


How Do You Tell You Need A New Battery?

There are some obvious tell-tale signs that your current E-Z-Go golf cart battery is at the end of its life. They include:

Longer Charging Time
If your battery is taking much longer than normal to charge, it might be time to get a new one. While it could be an issue with the charger, the most likely culprit is the battery has run out of its useful life.
You Have Had It for Over 3 Years
If it is not a LiFePO4, and you have been using it for over three years, you may begin to notice that you do not get a smooth, enjoyable ride on your golf cart. In most cases, your golf cart is mechanically sound. However, its power source cannot deliver the same smooth riding experience you are used to.
It Shows Signs of Physical Wear
These signs can include slight or severe building, regular leaks, and even a foul odor from the battery compartment. In all of these cases, it is a sign that the battery is no longer of use to you. In fact, it may be a hazard.


Which Brand Offers Good LiFePO4 Batteries?

If you are looking to replace your current E-Z-Go golf cart battery, the ROYPOW LiFePO4 golf cart batteries are one of the best options out there. They are drop-in-ready batteries that come with mounting brackets and brackets.
They allow users to convert their E-Z-Go golf cart from lead acid to lithium in half an hour or less. They come at different ratings including 48V/105Ah, 36V/100Ah, 48V/50 Ah, and 72V/100Ah. That offers users the flexibility to find a battery designed specifically for the current and voltage rating of their golf cart.



ROYPOW LiFePO4 batteries are the perfect battery solution for your E-Z-Go golf cart battery replacement. They are easy to install, have battery protection features, and fit perfectly into your existing battery compartment.
Their longevity and ability to deliver a high discharge voltage are all you need for a convenient golfing experience. Additionally, these batteries are rated for all types of weather conditions ranging from -4° to 131°F.


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