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Share Your Story with ROYPOW

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To drive continuous improvement and excellence across all aspects of ROYPOW products and services and better fulfill its commitment as a trusted partner, ROYPOW now encourages you to share your stories with ROYPOW and get customized rewards.

With more than 20 years of combined experience in motive power systems and energy storage systems as one-stop solutions, ROYPOW is proud to be a global lithium-ion battery and energy storage system supplier. This journey of accomplishment has been made possible through continuous support from every ROYPOW customer. Thus ROYPOW has always valued customers’ voices. Through story sharing, ROYPOW will better know how ROYPOW battery systems have benefited your every life aspect, including the low-speed vehicle batteries, industrial batteries, as well as residential, commercial & industrial, vehicle-mounted, and marine energy storage systems. ROYPOW will also gain deep insight into your needs, preferences, and pain points and drive product improvement and tailored one-stop solutions, cultivating lasting connections with our customers as a reliable partner and creating a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.


How to participate:


1. Please ensure your story includes:


-Pictures: Group photos of customers and products & multiple installation scene pictures

-Video (Optional): In horizontal panorama format (16:9, 1920*1080p, 1-5 minutes duration)

- Introduction in words:

●  What is your company’s main business? It is better to include country, purchase time, ROYPOW product model number (preferably with a link), and the application scenarios.

●  What challenges/problems necessitated a change before the decision to buy?

●  Why did you choose to buy our product?

●  How does this product help you solve a problem?


2. Please send your story to our email and copy to


3. Selected participants will get customized gifts from ROYPOW at the end of each month, and ROYPOW will contact you by the email address you send once your story is chosen.


4. Your story will be publicized through ROYPOW official channels, such as ROYPOW official website, social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), email, group forums, and news media.


In addition, welcome to join the ROYPOW Facebook Group – ROYPOW Official Group to share your experiences and find more events.


ROYPOW TECHNOLOGY is dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and sales of motive power systems and energy storage systems as one-stop solutions.

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