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ROYPOW Lithium Battery Pack Achieves Compatibility With Victron Marine Electrical System

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ROYPOW Lithium Battery Pack


News of ROYPOW 48V battery can be compatible with Victron’s inverter

In the ever-evolving world of renewable energy solutions, ROYPOW emerges as a frontrunner, delivering cutting-edge energy storage systems and lithium-ion batteries. One of the provided solutions is a Marine energy storage system. It consists of all components required to power all AC/DC loads during sailing. This includes solar panels for charging, an all-in-one inverter, and an alternator. Thus, the ROYPOW Marine energy storage system is a full-scale, highly flexible solution.

This flexibility and practicality have been recently increased, as ROYPOW LiFePO4 48V batteries have been deemed compatible to be used with the inverter provided by Victron. The renowned Dutch manufacturer of power equipment has a strong reputation in reliability and quality. Its network of consumers spans the globe and multiple areas of operations, including marine applications. This new upgrade will open the door for sailing enthusiasts to benefit from ROYPOW’s high-quality batteries without the need for a complete overall of their electrical setup.

ROYPOW Lithium Battery Pack1

Introduction of the importance of marine energy storage systems

There has been a continuous shift towards renewable energy solutions, with the effects of global warming becoming more tangible over time. This energy revolution has affected multiple fields, most recently marine applications.

Marine energy storage systems have been overlooked initially since early batteries were not able to provide sufficient reliable power for propulsion or running appliances and were limited to very small applications. There has been a shift in paradigm with the emergence of high-density lithium-ion batteries. Full-scale solutions can now be deployed, capable of powering all electrical appliances on board for extended durations. In addition, some systems are powerful enough to supply electric motors for propulsion. Although not applicable for deep-sea sailing, these electric motors can still be used for docking and cruising at low speeds. Overall, marine energy storage systems are an ideal backup, and in some cases replacement, for diesel engines. Thus such solutions significantly reduce fumes emitted, replacing fossil fuel power generation with green energy, and enabling noise-free operations ideal for docking or sailing in crowded locations.

ROYPOW is a pioneering provider in marine energy storage system. They provide complete marine energy storage systems, including solar panels, DC-DC, alternators, DC air conditioners, inverters, battery packs, etc. In addition, they have branches all over the world can provide local services and quick response with professional technical support.

The most important part of this system is ROYPOW’s innovative LiFePO4 battery technology and its recent compatibility with Victron’s inverters which we will go over in the upcoming sections.


Explanation of the features and capabilities of ROYPOW batteries

As mentioned before, ROYPOW is developing its lithium-ion battery technology to better suit demanding applications such as marine energy storage systems. Its recent innovations, such as the XBmax5.1L model, have been designed for marine energy storage systems and meets all required safety and reliability standards (UL1973\CE\FCC\UN38.3\NMEA\RVIA\BIA). It has an anti-vibration design that passed the ISO12405-2-2012 vibration test, making it ideal for harsh environments such as marine applications.

The XBmax5.1L battery pack has a rated capacity of 100AH, a rated voltage of 51.2V, and rated energy of 5.12Kwh. The system capacity can be expanded to 40.9kWh, with 8 units connected in parallel. The voltage types of this series also include 24V, 12V.

In addition to these characteristics, a single battery pack of either models has a life expectancy of more than 6000 cycles. The expected design life spans a decade, with the initial 5-year period covered by warranty. This high durability is further enforced by IP65 protection. In addition, it has a built-in aerosol fire extinguisher. Exceeding 170°c or open fire automatically triggers rapid fire extinguishing, preventing thermal runaway and potential hidden dangers at the fastest speed!

Thermal runaway can be traced back to internal short-circuit scenarios. Two popular causes include overcharge and over-discharge. However, this scenario is extremely limited in the case of ROYPOW batteries due to the BMS Software that is self – developed with independent intellectual property rights. It is optimized for controlling the charge and discharge of its batteries. This enables precise control of charge and discharge current, extending the battery life. On top of that, it has charging preheating function that reduces battery degradation during charging in unfavorably low temperatures.

The batteries provided by ROYPOW outperform competitive products with its advanced features, durability, and compatibility with Victron inverters. They are also comparable to other batteries on the market that are integrable with the Victron inverter. Noteworthy features of ROYPOW battery packs

encompass safeguards against overcharge and deep discharge protection function, voltage and temperature observation, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, and battery monitoring and balancing. They are also both CE-certified ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards.


Compatibility between ROYPOW batteries and Victron’s inverters

ROYPOW batteries have passed the required testing for integration with Victron’s inverters. The ROYPOW battery pack, specifically the XBmax5.1L model, communicates seamlessly with Victron inverters using the CAN connection.

The self-developed BMS mentioned above can be integrated with these inverters to precise control of charge and discharge current, preventing overcharge and discharge of the battery and as a consequence extending the battery life.

Finally, the Victron inverter EMS effectively displays essential battery information such as charge and discharge current, SOC, and power usage. This provides the user with online monitoring of essential battery features and characteristics. This information can be crucial for scheduling system maintenance and timely intervention in case of system disruption or malfunction.

The installation of ROYPOW batteries in conjunction with Victron inverters is relatively simple. The battery packs are small in size, and the number of units can be easily increased throughout the life time of the system due to its high scalability. In addition, the customized quick-plug terminal and user-friendly design enable quick and easy installation.


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