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Can You Put Lithium Batteries In Club Car?



Yes. You can convert your Club Car golf cart from lead-acid to lithium batteries. Club Car lithium batteries are a great option if you want to eliminate the hassle that comes with managing lead-acid batteries. The conversion process is relatively easy and comes with numerous advantages. Below is a summary of how to go about the process.

The Basics of Upgrading to Club Car Lithium Batteries

The process entails replacing the existing lead-acid batteries with compatible Club Car lithium batteries. One crucial aspect to consider is the voltage rating of the batteries. Each Club Car comes with unique circuitry that must match the new batteries’ voltage. Additionally, you must acquire wiring, connectors, and harnesses compatible with the lithium batteries.

When Should You Upgrade to Lithium

Upgrading to Club Car lithium batteries can be done for many reasons. However, one of the most obvious is the degradation of the old lead-acid batteries. If they are losing capacity or require extra maintenance, it is time to get the upgrade.

You can use a simple charge and discharge test to understand if your current batteries are due for an upgrade. Additionally, if you notice that you get reduced mileage when on full charge, it may be time to upgrade.

How to Upgrade to Lithium Batteries

Below are a few simple steps when upgrading to Club Car lithium batteries.

Check the Voltage of Your Golf Cart

When upgrading to Club Car lithium batteries, you should adjust the voltage output of the lithium batteries to the recommended voltage. Read the cart’s manual or visit the Club Car website to find the technical specifications for your specific model.

Additionally, you can see the technical sticker attached to the vehicle. Here, you will find the voltage of the golf cart. Modern golf carts are often 36V or 48V. Some larger models are 72V. If you cannot find the information, you can check the voltage using a simple calculation. Every battery within your battery compartment will have a voltage rating marked on it. Add up the total voltage of the batteries, and you will get the golf cart’s voltage. For instance, six 6V batteries mean it is a 36V golf cart.

Match the Voltage Rating to the Lithium Batteries

Once you understand the voltage of your golf cart, you must choose Club Car lithium batteries of the same voltage. For instance, if your golf cart requires 36V, install the ROYPOW S38105 36 V Lithium Golf Cart Battery. With this battery, you can get 30-40 miles.

Check the Amperage

In the past, Club Car lithium batteries had issues with the golf cart powering down because they needed more amps than the battery could supply. However, the ROYPOW line of lithium batteries has resolved this issue.

For instance, the S51105L, part of the 48 V Lithium Golf Cart Battery line from ROYPOW, can deliver a maximum discharge of up to 250 A for up to 10s. It ensures enough juice to cold crank even the most rugged golf cart while delivering up to 50 miles of reliable deep-cycle power.

When shopping for lithium batteries, you must check the motor controller’s amp rating. A motor controller acts like a breaker and controls how much power the battery feeds to the motor. Its amperage rating limits how much power it can handle at any time.

How Do You Charge Your Club Car Lithium Batteries?

One of the most important considerations when considering an upgrade is the charger. When picking the charger, you must verify its charge profile matches the lithium batteries you install. Each battery comes with a clearly defined rating.

You should pick a lithium battery with the charger for the best results. A good pick for this is the ROYPOW LiFePO4 Golf Cart Batteries. Each battery has the option of an original ROYPOW charger. Coupled with the battery management system built into each battery, it ensures you will get the maximum life out of it.

How to Secure the Lithium Battery in Place

Some of the leading Club Car lithium batteries, such as the ROYPOW S72105P 72V Lithium Golf Cart Battery, feature brackets designed to make the installation a simple drop-in. However, those brackets may not always work. Consequently, depending on the design of your golf cart, you may require spacers.

When you drop in the lithium batteries, these spacers fill in the empty slots left. With spacers, it ensures that the new battery is secured in place. If the battery space left behind is too large, it is recommended to purchase spacers.

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading to Lithium?

Increased Mileage

One of the first benefits you will notice is the increased mileage. Depending on various factors, such as weight, you can easily triple the mileage of your golf cart with lithium batteries.

Better Performance

Another benefit is long-term performance. Unlike lead-acid batteries, which significantly reduce performance after two years, lithium batteries, such as the ROYPOW LiFePO4 Golf Cart Batteries, come with a warranty of five years.

Additionally, they are touted to have an optimal performance life of up to 10 years. Even with the best care, squeezing out more than three years from lead-acid batteries is hard.

You can also expect lithium batteries to retain their capacity even after eight months in storage. That is convenient for seasonal golfers who only need to visit the golf twice a year. It means you can leave it in storage at full capacity, and start it up when you are ready, like you never left.

Savings over Time

Lithium batteries are a great way to save money. Due to their extended life, it means that over ten years, you will reduce costs significantly. Additionally, since they are lighter than lead-acid batteries, it means that you do not need as much energy to drive them around the golf cart.

Based on long-term calculations, using lithium batteries will save you money, time, and the hassle that comes with looking after lead-acid batteries. By the end of their life, you will have spent significantly less than you would with lead-acid batteries.

How to Care for Lithium Batteries

While lithium batteries are low-maintenance, some useful tips can help to optimize their performance. One of them is to ensure that they are fully charged when storing them. That means you should fully charge them after using them on the golf course.

The other useful tip is to store them in a cool, dry environment. While they can operate relatively well in all types of weather conditions, keeping them at optimal ambient conditions will maximize their potential.

Another important tip is to connect the wiring to the golf cart properly. Proper wiring ensures that the battery’s capacity is utilized correctly. Always follow the instructions from the manufacturer. You can also contact a technician to help you conduct a proper installation.

Finally, you should always check the battery terminals. If you see any signs of buildup, clean it off with a soft cloth. Doing so will ensure they perform at their optimal level.


If you want to reap the benefits of reliable performance, long lifespans, and low maintenance, you should switch to lithium batteries for your golf cart today. It is easy and convenient, and the cost savings are astronomical.


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