ROYPOW Debuts New-Gen Anti-Freeze Lithium Forklift Battery Solutions at HIRE24 Exhibition

Jun 05, 2024

Brisbane, Australia, June 5, 2024 – ROYPOW, a market leader in Lithium-ion Material Handling Batteries, held a launch event for the new anti-freeze lithium forklift power solutions for material handling in -40 to -20℃ cold environments at HIRE24, a leading event for the equipment hire and rental market in Australia held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.


ROYPOW’s anti-freeze power solutions incorporate four key designs and functions to tackle power challenges such as capacity loss and performance degradation in cold environments found in traditional lead-acid batteries. These batteries are equipped with reinforced waterproof cable glands on their external plugs, along with built-in sealing rings, ensuring an IP67 ingress rating and offering superior protection against dust and moisture. Moreover, each battery module features high-quality internal thermal insulation material to prevent thermal runaway and rapid cooling. Additionally, silica gel desiccants inside the forklift battery box effectively absorb moisture, keeping the interior dry. Furthermore, the pre-heating function warms the battery module to the optimal temperature for charging.


Thanks to these designs and functions, ROYPOW forklift batteries ensure premium performance and safety even in temperatures as low as -40℃. Together with the features inherited from tested-and-proven standard forklift batteries, including up to 10 years of design life, fast and opportunity charging capability, intelligent BMS, and built-in fire extinguishing system, ROYPOW anti-freeze solutions guarantee enhanced reliability and availability and fewer swapping or maintenance requirements. This ultimately lowers the total cost of ownership for material handling businesses.

Supported by a strong local team and reliable backing, ROYPOW has established itself as a significant player in the Li-ion forklift power industry in the Australian market, becoming the preferred choice among top material handling brands.


In addition to forklift battery solutions, ROYPOW showcases the DG Mate Series commercial and industrial solutions. This series is specifically designed to enhance the energy efficiency of diesel generator sets. By intelligently maintaining overall operation at the most economical point, it achieves over 30% fuel savings. With a high power output, it is built to withstand high inrush currents, frequent motor starts, and heavy load impacts. This reduces the frequency of maintenance, prolongs the generator’s lifespan, and ultimately lowers total costs.

HIRE24 attendees are cordially invited to visit booth No.63 to learn more about ROYPOW solutions at site. For further information and inquiry, please visit or contact


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