ROYPOW Showcases All-in-One Residential Energy Storage System and DG ESS Hybrid Solution at Intersolar 2024

Jan 19, 2024

San Diego, January 17, 2024 – ROYPOW, the market leader in lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems, showcases its cutting-edge all-in-one residential energy storage system and DG ESS hybrid solution at the Intersolar North America & Energy Storage North America Conference from January 17th to 19th, demonstrating ROYPOW’s continuous commitment to technological innovation and sustainability in the lithium battery industry.

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Residential ESS Solution: A Home That Is Always Switched On

Launched at Intersolar 2023, the ROYPOW high-performing all-in-one DC-coupled residential energy storage system has attracted much attention from admirers and clients alike. With the market trending toward higher efficiency, higher capacity, higher power, safer operation, and smarter management for residential energy storage solutions, ROYPOW continues to set the pace as a market leader. Our all-in-one modular solution ensures reliable whole-home backup power, while maintaining core strengths such as electrical freedom, smart controls that are APP-based, and complete safety, making energy independence and resilience readily accessible to all.

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DC-coupling produces up to 98% of conversion efficiency and increases the energy available for use. Moreover, with flexible battery expansion of up to 40 kWh and a power output of 10 kW to 15 kW, the residential ESS can store more power during the day and provide power to more home appliances in an outage or during peak time of use (TOU) hours, providing substantial savings on utility bills. Additionally, the all-in-one design streamlines the installation process with “plug and play” efficiency. Using the app or web interface, users can monitor solar generation, battery usage, and household consumption in real time and optimize power management, allowing homeowners to take control of their energy future.

DG ESS Hybrid Solution: The Ultimate Solution for a Sustainable Business

Another highlight at the Intersolar show is the ROYPOW X250KT DG ESS hybrid solution. ROYPOW has consistently championed the “Lithium + X” Scenarios, where “X” represents the specific sectors across various industrial, residential, marine, and vehicle-mounted fields, promoting a more sustainable future. With the launch at Intersolar of the X250KT DG+ESS, ROYPOW enters the commercial & industrial market with an all-new solution that integrates lithium technology into the energy storage space, and it’s a game changer! This innovative solution works as an ideal partner with diesel generators to provide uninterrupted power and substantial savings in fuel consumption, establishing the solution as the preferred choice for off-grid applications.

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Traditionally, diesel generators are the main power sources for construction, motor cranes, mechanical manufacturing, and mining applications when the grid is not available or lacks sufficient power. However, these and similar scenarios require high-power diesel generators to support the maximum starting current of motors, for which initial overpurchase and generator oversizing are assured. High inrush current, frequent motor starts, and long-term operation at a low load status cause excessively high fuel consumption as well as frequent maintenance for a diesel generator. Moreover, some diesel generators cannot support capacity expansion to carry the high loads. The ROYPOW X250KT DG + ESS hybrid solution is a spot-on fix for all these problems.

The X250KT can track, analyze, and predict changing loads to manage the diesel generator or ESS itself and can even coordinate both to work seamlessly to support the load. This engine operation is maintained at the most economical point saving up to 30% in fuel consumption. ROYPOW’s hybrid solution allows lower-power diesel generators to be chosen since the new system supports up to 250 kW continuous power output for 30 seconds for high inrush current or heavy load impacts. This minimizes maintenance frequency and total cost of ownership and extends the overall life of the diesel generator. Moreover, multiple diesel generators and/or up to four X250KT units can work together in parallel to provide reliable energy on demand.

Looking ahead, ROYPOW will continue to innovate, further strengthening its role as a creator of leading technologies for every home and business helping to build a sustainable, low-carbon world of the future.

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